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Hi, I’m Justin

The web site is dedicated to finding the elegance in software engineering by studying and annotating on topics relating to software deliverya recent new direction of the content of this website.

Why the hyper-focus on simple explanations on elegant software solutions? Because the prior learning of the dear reader must not be assumed for teaching. If I am able to impart a simple insight into a software engineering problem, I am hopeful that it would be paid forward into well-designed software.

Current Profile

  • Currently based in Sydney, Australia.

  • Active in software developer user groups as a presenter.

  • Assignments at my day-job mainly revolves in data integration between various micro-services on the the back-plane, where domain-specific content management developers could self-compose highly regulated workflows.

  • Recently becoming a student of Hypermedia, and interested in building open source libraries in easier implementation and delivery of the vision.

About my Technology Experience

Primarily a full-stack web developer with .NET with commercial software development since 2002, though I have successfully completed various side quests not related to my primary association.

Other vocations I dedicate my skills honing to:

  • Highly scalable systems via isolating and building fault-isolating systems.
  • Implementation of DevOps and Agile methodologies for iterative and continuous delivery.
  • Operation support via traceability and weaving various continuous delivery techniques.

Recent Blog Entries

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Test whether the build pipeline is performing continuous delivery. There probably exists a better delivery experience only days away if embraced.

GraphQL: Is it an API evolution?

The drum of the GraphQL group is strong - REST services are no longer applicable, and you should rewrite your endpoint into GraphQL. But is it really true?

The Pruned Reboot

Revising to a focal mission - and the elaborate reboot to purge all previously published content.

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