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The Pruned Reboot

by Justin Lovell on

Before the reboot, I had a blog. That blog was centered on advertising my knowledge base without a focus. And this made it tiresome in keeping up with the internet and being one ahead; hence, blogging became a chore and it was neglected for years.

Turning into 2020, I’ve been humbled by mentoring other software developers during one-on-one discussions various topics ranging from test driven development, architectural design, and cultural design.

The mentoring has allowed individuals teach and argue on the merits of techniques and approaches across various subjects. Therefore, this site will evolve to try scale to the same success and enjoyment outside of personal reach.

They became students, but are not parrots!

My New Focus; the Mission

The new goal of the rebooted web site:

  • Teach critical thinking on popular software design.
  • Discuss extreme ideas in approaching new projects.
  • Prior learning never assumed.
  • Attempt to make the content interactive.
  • Point to reference material for further discovery.
  • Never miss an attribution to other artists to the renewed mission.

New Features

The redesign is ethical such that your data is not leaked to third parties by visiting this site. No Google tracking, no social plugins, no comments - just focus on the good content.

The evolution of the site structure will be ongoing - as content grows, newer categories will morph, newer menus will be erected… so watch out on this space.

Purging of Previous Content

I respect the web by trying to keep permanent links stable. It was with great respect that previous blog entries were removed because they did not promote the new primary focus of teaching.

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